Dwindling Summer

Hello! Welcome to my blog, “Journeys through Sri Lanka.” I’m Kallie, and for my fall semester of 2012 I will be studying abroad in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Right now I am still in the US, mostly trying to prepare and handle my nerves as I realize my summer days are dwindling. Anxious, nervous, but mostly unbelievably excited, I’m beginning to experience a whirlwind of emotions even before I leave. As a girl who normally packs an entire car full of stuff while moving into a fresh year of college, I suppose my first struggle is merely trying to figure out what to pack! A frantic, 3am scribbling of a preliminary packing list last night definitely helped calm those nerves a bit. At this point I am assuming my first couple of weeks in Sri Lanka will be sodden with struggles far greater than my packing issue, but I am hoping I can approach them from a positive angle and embrace them as an essential part of my time in Sri Lanka.

I am also going to try to update this blog as much as possible, mostly for my family. I know Sri Lanka was not necessarily the first place my parents wanted to send their oldest daughter to for a semester, but they have been wonderful in supporting my decision to go! I will miss my family very, very much, but I know they are all looking forward to reading my rambling posts about my joys, struggles, and overall experiences in Sri Lanka. Seeing my closest friends last weekend was also a reality check because for some of them, it was the last time I would see them until December. Although I will miss them and my cross country team at Bates dearly, I feel that this semester is crucial.

Although I feel that my time in Sri Lanka will be unbelievably shaping for my individual development, I want to try to focus on the bigger picture. Most of my friends and family are not even quite sure where Sri Lanka is, so hopefully I can inform them as much as possible about this intriguing island country. The subtitle of my blog is “Culture, Religion, and Wildlife” because, in the broadest terms I could conceive, those are the major areas I hope to delve into while in Sri Lanka. It is impossible to say what my actual experience will be like, though, so we will just have to see what happens!

As for now, I suppose I will just have to keep trying to prepare for the unexpected. An impossible task, because I know however I paint Sri Lanka in my head I’m sure it will be drastically different. Still, I can’t wait to be turned upside down!

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1 Response to Dwindling Summer

  1. Michelle Johnston says:

    Kallie – Your mom sent me the link to your blog and I just read all your posts. I so enjoyed hearing all about your adventures thus far in Sri Lanka. Look forward to reading more. Have a wonderful time and experience there!! Michelle Johnston

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